Why Buy Flood Insurance?

Floods are a natural disaster that can strike anywhere and anytime, causing both emotional and financial distress. With flood insurance, you’re able to recover faster and more fully, mitigating the devastating effects of flooding​1.

🏷️ Cost of Flooding

The cost of flood damage – even from just a few inches of water – could be tremendous. Use our tool below to see how much flood damage could cost you. The data provided is an estimate and may not reflect your locality or exact situation, but it can give you a general idea of the potential costs of a flood event2​.

📑 What’s Covered?

With flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you don’t need to shop around for the lowest rate. The NFIP partners with over 50 insurance companies and thousands of independent agents across the country to offer the same affordable rates and crucial insurance coverage​3.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or a renter, the NFIP offers flood insurance coverage to help you protect the life you’ve built. The coverage includes:

  • For homeowners: Your foundation, electrical and plumbing, finishing, appliances, electronics, personal belongings, and more.
  • For business owners: Your foundation, electrical and plumbing, finishing, equipment, furniture, inventory, and more.
  • For renters: Your furniture, clothes, television, computers, rugs, artwork, and more.

It’s important to work with your insurance agent to learn more about coverage amounts, deductibles, and policy costs​4.

📋 Is Flood Insurance Required?

Homes and businesses with government-backed mortgages are required to have flood insurance if they are in high-risk flood zones. Even if you live outside of a high-risk zone, your lender could require you to get flood insurance. Plus, homeowners in low-risk flood areas may also want to buy a policy so their homes are properly insured against flood damage​.

🏢 Is All Flood Insurance Through FEMA?

While FEMA is a significant provider of flood insurance, it’s not the only one. You can also buy flood insurance from a private insurer. These policies offer base coverage or “excess” coverage, giving you additional coverage to fill gaps between a base policy (like FEMA insurance) and your actual flood insurance needs for your property​.

🏠 Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

A standard home insurance policy does not cover flood damage. A homeowners policy does cover water damage from sudden and accidental problems like a burst water pipe. Flood insurance can cover hurricane-related water damage, if the cause fits the definition of a “flood,” such as storm surge. Coverage for hurricanes is often a mix of flood and homeowners insurance.

In the face of a flood, the last thing you want is to be caught unprepared. Having flood insurance can give you peace of mind, knowing that you have the financial support to recover and rebuild. Contact us today to find out more about our flood insurance policies and how we can help you safeguard your future .

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